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masterriemi1702 November 9, 2009 05:48

Need sombody who can help me by installing FOAM
Hallo Community.

I want to install OpenFOAM with ParaView, but it does not work.
So i need somebody who can tell me, how i can install it.
If used the instruktions from the OpenFoam Wiki but nothing works :-(.

Can somebody help me in german or english ?

Thanks masterriemi1702

phsieh2005 November 9, 2009 09:33


Which OS you are trying to install OpenFOAM on? If you use OpenSUSE, then, it is quite stright foreward.


masterriemi1702 November 9, 2009 09:37

Hi. I'm use Ubuntu 9.10. 32bit mode

phsieh2005 November 9, 2009 10:38


Sorry, I do not use Ubuntu. But, I remember that there are a couple of threads on installing OpenFOAM on Ubuntu. Did you do a search on that topic?


akidess November 9, 2009 15:08

Did you try using the cookbook? There have been mixed results with 9.10, but it might work for you. Otherwise I recommend using an older ubuntu version, as the cookbook works very reliable with those.

kumar November 10, 2009 04:59

hello ,
I recently installed OpenFoam-1.6.x on Ubuntu 8.04 32 bit version using the cook book given on

I think there should be no problem in installing on Ubuntu 9.04.Just copy the contents of the script and put it in a file and then make the file executable. Also install apt, sudo and git before you run the script.

I assume that you are familiar with Linux, if you have any problems in doing this let me know.

Another important thing is in my case the Pv3FoamReader gave an error and my compilation was not succesful so i compiled the Pv3FoamReader and paraview sepeartely as explained in the OpenFoam website

K.Suresh kumar

masterriemi1702 November 10, 2009 05:08

I Have fixed ma problem. I have edit the bashrc in the OpenFORM directory. But you have to edit the .bashhrc in your home directory.

Everything works fine.

Thanks to all !

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