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matthias November 13, 2009 18:00

sample error in directMapped BC

I have applied the directMapped BC at the inlet of turbulent pipe flow and it works without problems. But after refining the grid I get always an error. It seems that OF can not determine the exact position of the sample near wall (maybe due to precision problems?) The first cells near wall are very thin. CheckMesh runs smoothly in spite of an max aspect ratio of 164. Increasing the write precision in the controlDict shows no effect. I have used ICEM CFD as meshing tool and exported the grid in cfx4 and fluent format.

Did not find sample (0.05 -0.0045382 -0.00529263) on any processor of regionregion0

From function directMappedPatchBase::findSamples(const pointField&, labelList&, labelList&, pointField&)
in file directMapped/directMappedPolyPatch/directMappedPatchBase.C at line 365.

Does anyone know the problem? or an advice?

Best regards


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