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griztown November 16, 2009 19:17

snappyHexMesh error
Hi all,

I'm running snappyHexMesh to create a mesh around a body I have and I get the following error:

--> FOAM Warning :
From function treeBoundBox::treeBoundBox(const UList<point>&, const UList<label>&)
in file octree/treeBoundBox.C at line 157
cannot find bounding box for zero-sized pointFieldreturning zero

I'm having a hard time figuring out where this problem is coming from. Everything was working great with a similar geometry, but now with a new stl file, I'm getting this error. Any ideas on where I should be looking? The error comes up while determining initial surface intersections. Looking through the stl file and the block mesh, there shouldn't be any problems finding an intersection.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

fra76 November 17, 2009 15:06

It looks like a problem in your stl file, like a triangle with three coincident points or something like this.
Which version of OpenFOAM are you using? Something has been improved in the 1.6.x.


griztown November 17, 2009 15:08

Thanks Francesco,

I'm running 1.6.x. I'll look into the stl file some more. Thanks for the tip!

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