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philippebv November 18, 2009 13:35

Using the localBlended scheme for DES
Good afternoon foamers,

I have a question on the use of the localBlended scheme. The goal is to use a different scheme for the RANS zone and LES zone. I calculate UBlendingFactor in my turbulence model and it returns a surfaceScalarField as it is needed by the localBlended scheme such as

UBlendingFactor = 1 in the LES region
UBlendingFactor = 0 in the RANS region

So far this works fine. Now, my question is pretty simple: How does UBlendingFactor acts when calling the scheme? If I write, in the fvScheme file of my case, something like:

div(phi,U) Gauss localBlended upwind linear;

Where is it going to be upwind and where is it going to be linear?

Thank you for any help,


philippebv November 18, 2009 14:38

Hi again,

after looking at localBlended.H :

+ (scalar(1) - blendingFactor)*tScheme2_().interpolate(vf);

It seems that tScheme1 will be effective where blendingFactor=1. So if I want to have a linear scheme for the LES region, I would write :

div(phi,U) Gauss localBlended linear upwind;

Am I right?

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