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faisal_durr November 20, 2009 06:32

Help required !!!
Hi guys,
im new to the world of CFD and would really like the help of you experts out there. I have two questions which i would like you to answer:

1. Can you explain in simple steps how to install openfoam on a windows operating system ? im not getting the guide lines given in the openfoam official downloading site.

2. I really am not very familiar with CFD related jargon. What book would you recommend me to read to get to know the jargon and their definitions.

Thanks you guys.

kumar November 21, 2009 06:15

Hello Faisal,
I would recommend you to install OpenFoam on Linux, rather than on windows, because in that case you will have many people to help you for installation and it is also easy to find help on the forum for installation on Linux.

So if you want to start learning Linux installation and Linux basics , I would suggest you first install Ubuntu 9.04 or the latest version.

Regarding the books for CFD

I would suggest:
1) Computational Fluid Dynamics by Ferziger and Peric.
2) Computational Fluid Dynamics and its applications by Blazek
3) Numerical computation of Internal and External flows by Charles Hirsch
4) Introduction to computational Fluid dynamics by Versteeg and Malalsekera
5) Introdiction to Computational Fluid dynamics by Anderson Jr.
6) Computatioal Flud dynamics and Heat transfer by Tannheil and Fletcher

hope this helps

kev4573 November 21, 2009 15:19

1) On windows, your best bet is to install VmWare server or player and get a virtual linux environment running. Then install OpenFOAM on the virtual machine. That will allow you to at least get started with openfoam.

2) You can learn a lot just going through the OpenFOAM tutorials and picking through the and websites.

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