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suitup November 20, 2009 08:36

Problems with solidWallHeatFluxTemperatur boundary
Hello I ve some issues with the solidWallHeatFluxTemperatur boundary.

I want to have a heatsource with 15 Watt on the bottom side of a heat sink, the surface is about 0.003713 mē, so q would be around 4039 W/mē.

But when I use solidWallHeatFluxTemperature as T-boundary, it would take really years for rising up the temperature, I dont know why. In about 200s the contact area would be just warmed up about 7 Kelvin.

If i use fixed Temperature values as heat source I ve no problems, because I ve the max temperature instant.


                type            solidWallHeatFluxTemperature;
                K                K;
                q                uniform 4039.59;
                value          293.15;

Has someone an idea? Have I missed something? Hase someone already use solidWallHeatFluxTemperture?

Thanks in advance.

suitup November 20, 2009 10:51

In other words the heat temperatur of the heat source rise really slow, and I ve no clue why. The heat source should be really hot at start and in the course of time the temperatur should decrease cause of the heat sink.
But at the simulation the heat source is at the beginning is 0 and rise up slowly and that cant be correct...

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