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albcem November 20, 2009 20:49

Fan Type Boundary Condition for Non-conformal Patch Pair
Hello everyone,

Has anyone any pointers on how to implement a fan type (pressure jump cyclic) boundary condition, but on a couple of patches which are not conformal.

In essence the code will have to interpolate values from one patch to the other and apply the appropriate pressure jump. As the patches are not conformal - i.e. do not have the same number of nodes or even area -, interpolation will be necessary.

I have the feeling I need to start from the GGI library, but may be someone has already tackled the issue and there is no need to invent the wheel.

Thanks for your feedback.


hjasak November 21, 2009 10:37

You can start with a plain old fan and use the GGI interpolators (thank you, Martin) to do the data transfer job for you.

I guess you may get tangled up in parallelisation, but that's another story.

Good hunting,

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