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DLC November 21, 2009 09:54

Problems in mesh motion solutor in parallel 4 interDyMFoam.
I'm using OpenFOAM 1.5-dev. I'm using the interDyMFoam solutor to run a free surface flow test case (a cube floating in water). I've modified a bit the floatingBody classes, but nothing of major importance.

I don't have problems in running the simulation in serial (one processor), but when I try to run the same case in parallel (on four processors) the simulation gets stuck though I think I've done all things correctly, using decomposePar.

I've done a bit of debugging and found out that the coode gets stuck on the solutor of the laplacian for the mesh motion in sixDofMotion.C,
more precisely in fvMesh::movePoints(motionPtr_->newPoints()).
the problem seems to be in newPoints().

In the end I found out that the problem seems to be in laplaceTetDecompositionMotionSolver.C in the line solverPerf_ = motionEqn.solve(). Unfortunately I couldn't get any 'deeper' than that in the code.

Does anybody have an idea why the simulation runs in serial and not in parallel? I mean, isn't pretty wierd that running in parallel gives problems in the solutor for the mesh motion? Any idea can be very useful!

thanks to all


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