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vivien November 23, 2009 06:01

basic question for pressure BC
Hi, everyone,
I have a basic question of fluid dynamics.
I have a Y shape rigid tube, Inlet In1, Outlet O1 and OutletO2, pulsatile flow is given at In1. only the pressure of O1 is measurable. First scenario, without downstream resistance applied to any outlets, flow is almost equally divieded, and the pressure is measured at O1, giving P1. Second scenario, same inflow rate, but downstream resistance is added to O1,this result in a flow division ratio 3:7 (brach1: branch2) and the pressure at O1 is P1' (P1'>P1). deltaP=P1'-P1. Since pressure at O1 is increased, should I expect a correspondent pressure decrease at O2? Can I apply bernoulli's princeple here? How can I quantify the pressure drop at O2 as it is not measurable? Thank you very much for your help!


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