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matteoL November 25, 2009 14:41

Openfoam on Bluegene
I Have managed to compile succesfully OpenFoam on a Bluegene/P cluster with mpicc (which is a wrapper for gcc+mpi) and it works pretty well, at leats on the first case I used (rasinterFoam on 3.5 mln cells mesh).

I have 2 problems tough:

1)I then wanted to try it on a new mesh, same topology, just a bit more refined and with more cells, 5.5 mln cells.

For some reason, the code crashes. It crashes both when I try to convert the mesh (i use fluentMeshToFoam) and also when i run the rasinterdymFoam. (The same mesh gets decomposed and runs smootly on other standard pc/clusters.)

When I run fluentMeshToFoam it says that:
Building Patch'less mesh.... new cannot satisfy memory request.
This doesn't necessarily mean you run out of memory.. bla bla bla..

I am defineetely not run out of memory, since it was using just 4%of total memory.

When I run rasInterFoam (serial or parallel) it stops while trying to create the mesh. it says:
Create Mesh for Time=0
floating exception


Any idea about what could be the problem? why on another pc runs and bluegene not while on a very simialr ot works on both smoothly?

2)Has anyone managed to compile OF on bluegene/p but with the native compiler (i.e mpixlc)? when i try to do it I get plenty of errors. (Many double declarations of basic function/classes, i.e. dummy_scalar_functions.. and problems with Pstream class)

Any help would be much appreciated since it seems that a code compiled with mpixlc is about twice as fast as a code compiled with mpicc


andresbh March 18, 2010 07:59

Hi Matteo,

After trying several times to install OF on a bluegene P. I started looking here on the forum and saw your posting.

I am trying to compile OpenFoam 1.6 on a blue gene P but havent been able. I was wondering if you could give me a hint on how to do this.

Have you got a couple of advises you could give me? could you upload the bash and scripts you c hanged to install it.

Thank you very very much


matteoL March 18, 2010 08:52

hello andres,
thanks to the support of a person at IBM working on openFoam on Bluegene, I managed to install it correctly (i.e. two version, one 32 bit for the nodes, one 64 bit for the cluster..).

Send me a private message with your mail and i will send the settings (it is a tar file of 150kb which apparently is too big to be uploaded...).


ywang May 12, 2011 18:29

I will also work with OF in a Blue Gene/p,,,,But I am waiting the password, and do not know if there will be some unexpected problems,,

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