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andrewryan December 6, 2009 10:37

Understanding findCell-octree
Dear all

I'm trying to understand how findCell-octree.C [1] works. I'm stuck on line 72/73, which says:


// Wrap indices and mesh information into helper object
octreeDataCell shapes(mesh);

I cannot figure out which method gets called here and what it does.

First of all I could not find the concerning method, shapes. Then I also could not figure out what a shape actually is, according to the users guide it's actually a heaxahedron, wedge, prism, etc But I could not find a concerning class/method in the source documentation :confused:

Any help will be appreciated.

[1] Is in $FOAM_SRC/applications/test/findCell-octree

hannes December 6, 2009 15:27

Hello Andrew,

this line of code causes the creation of an object named "shapes" of class "octreeDataCell". Only the constructor of octreeDataCell is called. The code is here:

line 51

Regards, Hannes

andrewryan December 6, 2009 15:30

Ok seems that I know c++ still not good enough, so shapes is the object name and not a method. Thank you!

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