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lvsteenson December 8, 2009 14:41

Free surface boundary types
I am quite new to openfoam and cfd however I have been trying to simulate two phase flow around a block using interfoam (air and water, block half in half).

I can get the mesh generated and the fluids fields set etc however when I solve my liquid seems to drain out the bottom of the domain even though it is a wall.

Could someone tell me the boundary types that I should be using for inlet, outlet and the walls for files such as alpha, p and u? The idea being that I can visualise the wave pattern and calculate the resistance force on the block before moving onto more complex geometries.

I am using openfoam 1.6

Thanks in advance

sega December 8, 2009 15:49

Give use some more details on your work.
Are you doing 2D or 3D simulations?
Tell us which boundary conditions you have used so far.

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