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Wolle December 15, 2009 10:00

Cavity tutorial - Ux plot of graded mesh looks strange
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Hi all,

on my way through the tutorials, I really try to complete all tasks successfully.

At the moment I'm stuck with the cavity tutorial at I mapped the results of the previously refinded mesh to the graded mesh. After executing icoFoam, I checked the results with paraFoam. All seemed to be alright, I did a vector plot (slice & glyph) as suggested. Then I tried to perform another XY plot as suggested by the tutorial.

I calculated the components of U as described and can visualize them in the 3d window (e.g. in the screenshot "Color by: Ux" and "Representation: Surface").
When I apply a "plot over line" filter and chose exactly (yes, I double checked) the same line and settings as in the previous exercise (had two instances of paraFoam running, with one case each), this is, what comes in the plot:

When I set the resolution of the "PlotOverLine" to 1000 (which was 100 at first) as the only change, one can identify the probable characteristics of the real Ux graph. But why aren't the points connected (respectively where does the "value 0" data come from)?


P.S.: I attach Ux.txt, which is the file 0.8/Ux generated via foamCalc, but had to be renamed to *.txt in order to attach. Maybe this is useful?

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