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SARU December 15, 2009 20:24

parallelization calculation

Now, I have calculated 3D model of approximately one million. However, as computer's memory is 2GB, calculated time puts in many times. Therefore, I think I try to do parallelization calculation.

So, could you tell me how to do parallelization calculation by OpenFOAM?

Please tell me as specifically as possible. e.g OS of destination must be connected to linux by linux, cable is LAN cable, how to operate software and so on.

In fact, Now I use OpenFOAM-1.5 and linux.
In addition, I try to use openmpi. but, I can't install it. After I did './configure' ,error (configure:error: in "home/user1/openmpi1-4" configure:error C compiler create executables See "config.log" for more details.) was displayed. Now, compilar use GCC 4.2.1.
Could also tell me it?


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