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tbochtl December 17, 2009 05:20

Help on Testcases
Hello there!

I am currently working on my master thesis on Lattice Boltzmann Methods and have already implemented a solver for incompressible fluids on NVidia CUDA.

For now I have to validate the results produced by my solver, but unfortunately the company that should provide me with reference data doesn't do its job.
Thus I took a look at OpenFOAM and tried to produce reference data myself, but so far I've only managed to run and produce good looking results with the lid driven cavity tutorial using icoFoam.

Since my fluid dynamics background is quite limited (I studied computer science with focus on graphics) I would really appreciate if anybody here could provide me with some reference cases for incompressible flows with moderate or low Reynolds numbers.
So far I'm able to do simulations of flows around a cylinder, flows around cubes and spheres as well as lid driven cavity flows, but I would appreciate any data that is already validated and that might do as reference data.

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