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hjasak December 19, 2009 01:58

Greetings to maindeveloper
Dear All,

It seems we have a new and very active poster calling himself "maindeveloper". I have just read through his posts and there seems to be no useful technical information in any of them: just abuse. I do not like reading garbage like this: it changes the tone of the forum, it insults people for no reason and receiving such language in my Inbox rather offends me.

The interesting thing is that the person chooses to be anonymous and that he started posting just after my presentation at CFD 2009 in Australia. I reckon this may have something to do with the presentation I gave there and a very positive response from the audience. Knowing the tactics of my friends from the past, I guess the main point of the posts is to be rude to everyone without providing any useful comment, opinion or help to colleagues using OpenFOAM.

So, Mr. Maindeveloper, while I defend your right for free speech (be it abuse, garbage or just a way to vent your anger), I would like to establish how you contribute to OpenFOAM (software, community or any other way). Would you kindly share some background on your work with us - a few words on what you do and why you think OpenFOAM is good would suffice. Also, for reasons known to you and me, may I ask you a technical question to see how well we can all trust your technical advice:

Dear Maindeveloper,

I have been wondering about the free surface flow treatment in OpenFOAM. The early work and Thesis on the subject came from Onno Ubbink (1997) at Imperial College, whose interface compression method (CICSAM) has just been implemented in Ansys Fluent. Could you please tell me how and why is the current implementation in OpenFOAM different from Onno's work (any maybe even why)?

Many thanks,


Best to all,


ngj January 5, 2010 12:15

Hi Hrv

Happy New Year.

It does not seem that maindevelopper will answer for himself. I have many times searched the forum for the answer to the "why" question, however I have only been able to find vague references to threads on the subject, and general arguments such as "problems in Onno Ubbink's formulation".

I would be very pleased, if you in a few words would spent some time to address the "why".

Thank you very much,


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