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idrama December 24, 2009 10:04

interDyMFoam with tetraeder mesh
Hey folks!

I have just started to learn interDyMFoam. I generated in Salome a similar mesh like in the damBreakWithObstacle tutorial and exported it to OpenFOAM directory. After I have import the mesh and adjusted the boundary condition I let run the same simulation. However, the simulation aborted immediately with the error message:

Starting time loop

Courant Number mean: 0 max: 0
deltaT = 0.00117647
Time = 0.00117647

Selected 1648 cells for refinement out of 15335.
hexRef8 : Dumping cell as obj to "/home/idrama/OpenFOAM/idrama/run/damBreakWithObstacle/cell_62.obj"

cell 62 of level 0 does not seem to have 8 points of equal or lower level
cellPoints:4(2977 2229 2238 1775)

Can I use tetraeder as volumes insteaed cubes?



deepsterblue December 25, 2009 15:28

Nope. The stuff in openfoam at the moment currently supports only hexahedra.

idrama December 25, 2009 16:28

There are any intentions of modification of OpenFOAM such that tetrahedron become possible?

olwi December 29, 2009 07:32

Hi Claus,

You can indeed use tetrahedrons (or in fact any type of polyhedra) with OpenFOAM, but the dynamic mesh class used in icoDyMFoam does only work for hexahedrons. The refining is made by splitting a hexahedron into eight.

All other functionality in OpenFOAM is for general polyhedra.


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