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jet January 3, 2010 20:27

turbulent round jet
I have a question about the self-similarity profile of turbulent round jets.
If I compare the mean velocity profile in the self-similar round jet calculated with the k-epsilon-turbulence-model by OpenFOAM with experimental data from for example Hussein et al. I get a good agreement between the profiles except at the edge of the jet!
Is there any question to this behaviour?

Thank's for your help!

pg22 February 10, 2010 09:04

The standard k-epsilon model is not so accurate for the turbulent round jet. In particular, it tends to overpredict the spreading rate. This is often attributed to the epsilon equation and can be remedied by adjusting the model constants Ce1 and Ce2.

Alternatively, use the realizable k-epsilon model. This model correctly predicts the spreading rate of the round jet.


skyinventorbt March 5, 2012 23:42

I am new to OpenFOAM, Kindly tell me the possible way to create mesh for round jet in a circular domain (Like pipe with sudden expansion, pipe being the nozzle & enlarged pipe being the flow domain) using BlockMesh. If anybody have done it, kindly help me...

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