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jason.ryon January 11, 2010 10:53

RNGkepsilon with Swirl Dominated Flow Modification
I am very new to OpenFOAM and am trying to see how well it compares to Fluent. I have had some success in setting up my first test case, but now I want to do a comparison with my Fluent cases. To do this, I want to make sure I have an apples to apples comparison.

I am wondering if there is an option to add both the "Swirl Dominated Flow" and "Differential Viscosity Model" to the RNGkepsilon turbulence model - which is what I use in fluent. I set the RASModel as RNGkEpsilon, but how do i turn on the other options? I have tried to find it in the user guide and searching through some of the source, but am stuck.

Thanks for your help.


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