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Tek January 18, 2010 01:06

Problem with cyclic bc when run on parallel
Hi everyone!
I'm a novice with openfoam.I try to run two channelFoam case (one for mesh constructed from block mesh,other for mesh converted from fluentMeshtoFoam) with cyclic BC.When i run parallel with the first one with many kind of decomposePar there is no problem.But it happen when i run parallel with the second one.It print to the screen " create Mesh for time = 0" and stop ,i wait for long time but nothing happen.
I hope somebody whose experience with this problem can help me.
Thanks to reading and sorry about my English.

Tek January 18, 2010 05:57

does everyone has an idear ?What's problem with cyclic bc when decomposePar? I guest it's relevant with reading Mesh but i still don't understand...
everyhelp is appriciate!!

cheng1988sjtu January 20, 2011 15:40

I don't think it's due to cycle bc
Hi Tek,

I've just started to run the channelFoam, and run parallel, it seems OK, even though I have cycle BC in the domain, so maybe it's due to the conversion from Fluent to OpenFoam.

Perhaps, some boundary type has changed? you may check it,

Good luck~


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