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chemeng January 21, 2010 02:28

Fluent elbow in Openfoam
Hello, I am a new user of openfoam. I have already read the user guide, the programmers guide and done the examples. I am trying now to solve the example of the Fluent tutorial (elbow with fluid flow and heat transfer) in openfoam. I have done the mesh in Fluent and converted it to openfoam. First I want only to solve the flow field so I have used simpleFoam solver. All the data and the mesh geometry are the same but when I see the results with Fluent 3d post I obtain:
- The velocity field is almost similar but not all.
- The pressure field is a little bit different.
- The turbulence dissipation field is totally different.
Have anyone any anwer? My idea is to use Fluent to create the meshes and openfoam to solve them in my future problems because I dont understand how to create the meshes in openfoam.
I would like to know also if there are more tutorials of openfoam apart from the userguide.
I hope your answers. Thank you for your help!!

elvis January 21, 2010 04:52

Hello Benjamin,

maybe this thread is what you wanted for additional reading

I like the stuff from Håkan Nilsson => the Kurser stuff
and 2006-2009


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