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vkrastev January 26, 2010 12:43

pisoFoam BC's for transient k-eps simulation
Hi, I just have a question about the PISO incompressible RAS transient solver in O.F. 1.6.x:
-can someone post the appropriate bc's for k, epsilon, nut, nuTilda and R in a simple 2d inflow-outflow case (with kEpsilon model)? The case in question is made up by a profile immersed in an airstream. The "wind tunnel" is simply a rectangular domain with inlet and outlet sections and upper and lower wall. I've tried many times to change the BC's, but all the attemps gave not so phisycal results (instantaneous convergence of U to something very simlar to a potential flow, rather than a turbulent flow wtih Re about 10^5).

Thank you in advance

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