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oldschool January 28, 2010 17:54

Region Status issues in paraFoam

have just installed OpenFoam without any troubles and tryed out the first tutorial (cavity).
Unfortunately, something doesn't seem to be right with my paraFoam. The Region Status pannel is not where its supposed to be (doesn't exist).

However, it is very important for me to check the boxes in the region status pannel, as I won't e able to see my mesh, shape and so forth.

I have read the tutuorial numerous times and I just can't find what I might have done wrong.
I did following steps:
1) I added the bashrc comand in order to run open foam in my terminal
2)cd $FOAM_RUN/tutorials/incompressible/icoFoam/cavity
3) I have done checkMesh
4) paraFoam (files which are being created through icoFoam area already there for the cavity example. But have also tryed to delete it and run the calculation from the beginnning)
It opens up my paraFoam Window, where I can also see the cavity part being which has been loaded.

Got the same issue with all other examples which are supplied with openfoam

Thank you already for your replies and help

ancsa January 29, 2010 10:10

I also didn't find Region Status at the beginning but the Mesh Part on the left hand side of paraFoam under properties panel seems to be just the same in my case.

oldschool January 29, 2010 12:29

Hello ansca, I have tryed using MeshPart, but for the case of the cavity, it won't show a provile or a mesh after clicking apply. Same thing happens with most of the other examples from the tutorial. In some case I might be able to see the simple mesh, though.
Anyone an idea what might be the issue.
Thanks in advance

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