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johndeas February 5, 2010 05:56

Erratic disk writing

I am running a simulation and I absolutely need it to run for 8000 iterations before writing fields to the disk and stopping. However, it always run for a different amount of iterations, 2099, 1884, 1853 ... My controlDict file is:


startFrom      latestTime;

// stopAt          endTime;
stopAt          nextWrite;
// stopAt            writeNow;

endTime            875;

deltaT          0.01;

writeControl    timeStep;

writeInterval  8000;

purgeWrite      0;

writeFormat    ascii;

writePrecision  6;

writeCompression compressed;

timeFormat      general;

timePrecision  6;

runTimeModifiable yes;

This problem is so weird, I can't find what has to be fixed.

johndeas February 5, 2010 06:37

Found the error. I moved the time directories around, therefore the time index did not correspond with the directories number., and all worked logically when the time indexes were considered.

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