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andrea.pasquali February 13, 2010 08:25

mapFields problems
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I used "mapFields -consistent" successfully to map my first mesh results on a new finer mesh.
When I restart the job I have "floating poit exception".
I saw in new mapped mesh some strange point (see the figure attached). I think because in old coarses mesh where now is air, was surface! So here I got 0 value and I obtain "floating point exception" (I have not "nan"). Is it right?
Then I tried "mapFields" without "-consistent" but I obtain:

--> FOAM Warning :
From function meshToMesh::meshToMesh(const fvMesh& meshFrom, const fvMesh& meshTo,const HashTable<word>& patchMap,const wordList& cuttingPatchNames)
in file meshToMeshInterpolation/meshToMesh/meshToMesh.C at line 95
Cannot find cutting-patch fixedWalls in destination mesh
Could anyone aid me?

Thanks in advance

kalle February 17, 2010 23:57

Seems likely that you get the floating point exception due to some point that get unphysical values after the mapping. It would be nice with a OF utility that allows the user to bound scalars with some min() and max() function (setFields?). A way to do that manually would be to import the (ascii) data into matlab and use the functions there... seems a bit messy, but could still save time if it takes long time to obtain the mapped fields.

Good luck

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