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Palminchi February 17, 2010 05:00

Running dieselFoam in parallel.
Hello eveybody,

I am quite new working with OpenFOAM. I would like to ask something about this spray's solver, dieselFoam.
I have found problems running dieselFoam in parallel. I use OpenFOAM v1.5 (64bits) and I found differences in the spray penetration and SMD in-between running it in parallel or serial. I have a very simple mesh (it is a hexahedron) and I have chosen the simple method to run the case in parallel in the decomposeParDict as you can see here:
numberOfSubdomains 2;

method simple;

n (1 1 2);
delta 0.001;

If I choose the simpleCoeffs n (1 2 1) the case runs quite similar to the serial one, but if I choose n (1 1 2) the results are quite far from the serial case ones. The spray goes in y axis positive direction and it is non-evaporative, without combustion. It is a very simple case, I think.

I would be grateful if you can help.
Thank you very much for your attention.

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