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Sandra H. February 26, 2010 11:19

Heat transfer, convection, radiation, conduction

I'm quite new in Openfoam.

I want to solve I Heat transfer Problem.
I have I box with a heat source. Heat transport goes via radiation and convection. I was thinking about using buoyontsimpleRadiationFoam.

The walls of the box a modelled as a solid, here heat is transported via conduction. That means I have three zones of heat transfer, the air in the box, the walls, the air outside the box.

It looks like I have to use MultiregionFoam, but how can I combine it with radiation?

Thanks for Your help.


Linh.Hoang March 3, 2010 09:02

Hi Sandra,
have you solved your problem yet?
Im also interested in this concern. I want to model the Heat transfer because of convection and radiation of the sun. For any help I would be grateful.

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