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jason.ryon March 8, 2010 13:45

help: rhoPisoFoam to compressibleInterFoam
I am looking for help changing my case from an air-only (rhoPisoFoam) to air+fuel (compressibleInterFoam).

Could you please tell me what needs to be changed to add the second case? Here's what I have tried so far - but I am having problems (it blows up or gives wrong velocities by an order of magnitude, etc...)

A little background, I want to run a pressure inlet for air, a mass flow inlet for fuel, and a pressure outlet which is just atmospheric pressure. For my air-only run it works fine (rhoPisoFoam) with just a wall for the fuel inlet. Then when I want to turn on the fuel, I tried:

1. added a 0/alpha1 which is zeroGradient for all walls, fixedValue with a uniform 0 for air_inlet, 1 for fuel_inlet, and inletOutlet (value of zero) for the pressure_outlet

2. 0/p to have fuel_inlet zeroGradient

3. 0/U has fuel_inlet as "type flowRateInletVelocity; flowRate = 0.002; value uniform (0 0 0);

4. Changed my polyMesh/boundaries from my fuel_inlet which was a wall to a patch

5. added in a constant/transportProperties similar to the compressibleInterFoam/les/depthCharge3D/ case except changed:
nu = my viscosity of fuel
rho = 775; //my density of fuel
rho0 = 0; //is this how i set it to be incompressible liquid??
(I left phase2 - I'm assuming this is the air phase)

6. My controlDict is basically the same as the compressibleInterFoam depthCharge3D case as well.

Any thoughts or suggestions? I'm very new to this, so any help is definitely appreciated!


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