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mecbe2002 March 30, 2010 04:11

What solver to use for simulating flow behavior in inlet manifold

I am trying to simulate flow behavior in inlet manifold of SI engine.

Its a two species flow air+(CNG-H2) blend, the flow is incompressible, turbulent. coldflow
From the userguide i thought the "twoLiquidMixingFoam" is suitable.

So is this is the best solver, or any other solver available in OpenFoam
Thanks in advance


mecbe2002 March 31, 2010 08:13

someone please reply...

chandramurthy March 31, 2010 10:51

if the medium is homogeneous, use icofoam with appropriate fluid properties. or, if it is having multiple inlets (non-premixed), air in one inlet and cng-h2 in another inlet, use reactingFoam by switching off the reactions.

mecbe2002 March 31, 2010 13:06

Thanks for the reply.

The geometry, is an inlet manifold for four cylinder SI engine. It contains a plenum chamber and four runners. The fuel injector are placed in the runners. The air enters the manifold through the plenum chamber, and flow through the runner where it gets mixed with the fuel, and finally it enter the cylinder.

I will try using "reactingFoam".

Wat abt using "twoLiquidMixingFoam". I read the user guide, it says that it is for two incompressible fluids.
Wats your comment?

Thanks in Advance

mecbe2002 April 9, 2010 08:01

"twoLiquidMixingFoam" for flow behaviour in inlet manifold

Wat abt using "twoLiquidMixingFoam" solver to simulate the flow behaviour in inlet manifold of a four cylinder engine with fuel injection(CNG-H2 blend) in the runners.
The flow is assumed to be incompressible.

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