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albertinho March 31, 2010 17:14

Porous media flow with diffusion
Hi all,

I'm working on a simulation of a cathode-flowfield for PEM fuel cell. At the moment I have problems with the handling of the porous GDL (gas diffusion layer).

My first question is how the porous media are handled on the interfaces from porous to non-porous media or on patches. In my case it seems to me like the patch close to a porous zone is not porous. But in my case I want to have a porous patch.

Another confusing theme are the ddt-schemes for the porous zones, because I'm not sure if the correction of the ddt(rho,U) with porosity is right. The velocity U is already the mean value of the velocity. In other cases like the rho-equation it should be considerd, in my oppinion.
(I had a look at porousExplicitSourceReactingParcelFoam as guideline for handling porous media in transient simulations)

I had alot of more questions, but step by step...:confused:

Probably someone can help me.:rolleyes:

Kind regards

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