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DiegoNaval April 1, 2010 09:49

Hydrostatic pressure initial Field
I'm a new OpenFoam user and developper. I'm trying to make a simulation of a floating object in to the wather. I use the interFoam solver (with OF1.6), with the k-e modell for the turbulen. I set all the fields, in particular alpha1 to set the initial free surface position with (setFields).
I need to set the hydrostatic pressure (non p equal 0 in all the domain) at the fist time, because the solver crash after 3 iteration.
Can some one tell me how can I do this?

Thanks a lot.


ckroener April 1, 2010 10:01


you could use funkySetFields for example:

in 5.1 it is described how to initialise a pressure field gradient due to gravity.


DiegoNaval April 1, 2010 10:21

Thank you Christian

Diuring the eastert holidays i'll try this.

To run my simulation it is right that i must use:
1. interFoam as solver for incompressible rans bi-phase immiscible
2. funkySetFields for set the initial condition
3. GroovyBC for the boudary condition for alpha1, p, and U, k, e for the inlet
4. and to have a no reflecting condition as outlet what can I use?

Thanks again.

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