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sankarv April 4, 2010 19:06

Creating New Solver: For particle-laden compressible jets
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Hello OpenFoamers

I am a new user of OpenFoam and I am trying to set-up a particle-laden
under-expanded supersonic jet issuing into an open atmosphere.
Note, before I started OpenFoam, I ran fluent and got a converged
solution for this problem

Here are details of OpenFoam simulation:
Solver: rhoCentralFoam
Grid: axi-symmetric grid imported from Fluent using fluentMeshtoFoam
I.C: I used the converged Fluent solution as initial condition for openFoam
I managed to get a converged steady state solution for this
problem without particles

Particle laden jets:
Now I am trying to run a particle-laden jets. Since the solver
rhoCentralFoam does not have Lagrangian Particle Tracking in it, I realized
that I have to create a new solver.
I came across the icoLagrangianFoam solver which is basically a particle
tracking solver for an incompressible flow.

I found a nice tutorial "Tutorial icoLagrangianFoam/SolidParticle" by Auerlia Vallier
(google for file name: Tutorial_icoLagrangianFoam_reviewed.pdf).
I used that and managed to implement particle tracking
in the rhoCentralFoam solver (which is a compressible solver).
I called this new solver rhoCentralParticleFoam

This works well. But the problem is that the drag model in the original
icoLagrangianFoam is a very simple constant drag model.
I want to implement the standard drag model which is a function of
particle Reynolds number based on the stokesian drag for spherical particles.

Chapter 5 in the tutorial (Tutorial_icoLagrangianFoam_reviewed.pdf)describes how to implement this drag model.
When I did these changes I get some compilation errors that I cannot comprehend. I admit that I don't know c++ and I am not able to figure out the exact problem.

Can someone help me to fix these compilation errors ?
I have attached a tar file which contains the codes I am using for
this solver

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