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overkligheten April 5, 2010 09:00

Extruding layers in snappy deforms internal geometry
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I have a cube with a sphere inside it. The cube is created with blockMesh and the sphere is created with searchableSphere in the Snappy dict.

-I make a castellated mesh -OK
-I perform the snapping -OK
-I extrude the layers from the bottom surface -Not OK

The sphere gets distorted and upper facing side gets translated vertically.

The reason for this is that I keep the cells both inside and outside of the sphere I guess. Therefore no patch will be created. And the sphere faces aren't locked in space. When I don't keep the cells inside the sphere it works good.

How do I get rid of the deformation of the sphere and the distorted cells that come with that??

A part of the Snappy dictionary.
level (2 2);

faceZone mynewface;
cellZone mynewcell;
zoneInside true;

Kind Regards,

overkligheten April 7, 2010 08:21

Hi again,
I've tried quite a bit more to solve this, but right now I'm not moving forward at all. Maybe it should be considered a bug? Any ideas are appreciated!

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