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ar_mofidi April 12, 2010 07:05

wallShearStress & creatTurbulenceFields in OF 1.6
I have a turbulent channel flow with slip BC. on bottom wall and I have solved this channel with channelFoam. I would like to calculate the WallShearStress and also I want to create turbulence fields for calculating the Reynolds stress R, in OpenFoam 1.6. I should be remind that my Turbulence Model is LES. How can I do that?


idrama April 12, 2010 11:14

Have ya already try the post-processing tool wallShearStress ?

ar_mofidi April 13, 2010 03:31

Hi idrama

yes, I have used wallShearStress but it didn't work. when I use this term this message appears:

Create time

Create mesh for time = 3.00141

Time = 3.00141
Reading field U

Reading/calculating face flux field phi

Selecting incompressible transport model Newtonian

cannot open file

file: /home/sekhavat/OpenFOAM/sekhavat-1.6/run/tutorials/incompressible/channelFoamslip/channeltopwallslip/constant/RASProperties at line 0.

From function regIOobject::readStream()
in file db/regIOobject/regIOobjectRead.C at line 62.

FOAM exiting

idrama April 15, 2010 03:39


wallShearStress is dependent on on turbulence models, hence is need RASProperties. You must check that. Strangely, the time mesh value 3.**.
If you cannot fix it, check the Forum for "computing wall shear stresses", I think. In this Forum, there are already hot discussens about that.


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