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antonellaP April 13, 2010 14:21

axisymmetric geometry within engineFoam
hello everyone,

I am a beginner with OpenFoam and specifically I have some problems with the engineFoam.
I'm trying to set up an axi-symmetric geometry in order to simulate (employing the wedge patch type) just a few degrees slice of the combustion chamber instead of the entire cylinder geometry.
The problem I encounter is that the code seems to necessarily require the piston motion to be alligned with the z-axis and at the same time that the symmetry axis (when the wedge patch type is used) must be the x-axis.
This makes impossible to set-up my case, since the symmetry axis (which is, of course, the cylinder axis) and the piston motion direction in the considered geometry should be the same.
Has someone else encountered the same issue? Do you know if any kind of solution has been found?

I would be very grateful of any help you can give me.

Thank you

sega April 14, 2010 13:58


Originally Posted by antonellaP (Post 254461)
that the symmetry axis (when the wedge patch type is used) must be the x-axis.

Are you sure? Where did you get this information?

antonellaP April 14, 2010 15:16

hello, tanks for your reply,

I'm not exactly sure, but, since I was having problems with this geometry, I had a look on the web and on this url:

at section 1.6 Case1.3: Case1 as a 2D wedge case
I have read: "This case is similar to Case1, but the simulation is now done in 2D using a wedge geometry (2D radial mesh) and wedge boundary conditions. OpenFOAM requires such geometries to have the symmetry axis along the x-axis, so Case1.3 is transformed to use the x-axis as the main flow direction instead of the z-axis."

Do you have different information or advice? Have you solved similar problems successfully?

Thanks a lot for your help

sega April 15, 2010 06:59

I wasn't aware that wedge cases are that restrictive!?
Any comments from the pros?

akidess August 30, 2012 04:55

Old thread, but worth adding I don't think this is true. See, figure 5.4 and table 5.1.

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