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Amiga500 April 14, 2010 04:58

Multiple domain/Multiple material problems... possible or not?
Hi FOAMers,

As above - can OpenFOAM handle multiple domain/multiple material problems with interior boundaries allowing fluid to pass between each domain?

I know the fluentMeshToFoam converter cannot handle multiple materials, but I am not sure whether that is a converter limitation, or a limitation for OpenFOAM in general...

(The multiple material points are required for post processing - we are looking at fluid compositions over time in multi-cell chambers)

If OF can handle multiple material/domain problems; I'm happy to go off and hunt down the technique myself, but of course any guidance is very welcome! :)

benk April 14, 2010 15:32

You can do this using a number of techniques:
1) conjugateHeatFoam : see but this is only available in the -dev versions.
2) chtMultiRegionFoam
3) You can "map" transport properties between submeshes and a main mesh.

Out of those 3, I prefer conjugateHeatFoam.

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