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delic April 17, 2010 23:06

rhoSimpleFoam case seems to require transportProperties file
OK I am pretty new to openfoam. I am trying to set up a rhoSimpleFoam compressible kEpsilon jet problem to learn openfoam. I am more familiar with fluent.

When I try to run simpleFoam I end up getting an error which seems to show that openfoam wants a transportProperties file.

cannot open file
file: / .... /constant/transportProperties at line 0.

This doesn't make sense to me b/c the case should be compressible and as far as I can tell from documentation the file tranportProperties should only be necessary for incompressible problems.

So my problem seems to be that I have an error in one of the files that makes Openfoam think that my problem is incompressible. I don't know where to look for this error. I have scanned controlDict, schemes, solution, RASProperties, thermophysicalProperties, turbulenceProperties, epsilon,k,mut,p,T,U and I just don't see anything.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

delic April 18, 2010 00:33

I figured it out
It's really embarassing but I figured it out. After changing the solver to rhoSimpleFoam I was still calling SimpleFoam (incomp version) when running the code thus it was looking for the transport file. When I run rhoSimpleFoam of course it runs fine and no longer looks for transportProperties.

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