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Marc_r April 19, 2010 06:18

Connect 2 Regions
Hallo everyone on CFD Online,

i'm quite new to OpenFOAM and having some problems to get a IcemCFD mesh to FOAM.

I want to have separated Regions to use with chtMultiRegionFoam.
The only way to get no errors on fluentToFoam is to split the internal faces in IcemCFD??

Then i get a good mesh with 2 or more separated Regions not connected by any faces. This can be split with splitMeshRegions. Now all patches/faces that shoud be linked have to be set manuely.

Is there a way to tell the mesh with 2 regions that the patch "Fluid_TO_SOLID" is linked with "SOLID_TO_FLUID"?
So that sheckMesh woud tell me something like: Mesh with 2 Region connected by ...?

greets Marc

Marc_r April 19, 2010 09:29

blockMesh has this option to merge faces or match fases with "mergePatchPairs" but i can't figure out how to use this on my existing mesh...?:confused:

Cyp April 19, 2010 13:27

To use mergePatchPairs, you need first to define your patches for example :


    cyclic interface1
        (0 4 7 3)
    cyclic interface2
        (1 5 6 2)

Then, you can merge these patches with :


    (interface1 interface2)

Is it what you ask for ?

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