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jayrup April 20, 2010 05:14

simpleFoam solver
Hi all
I am new to OpenFOAM i want to use simpleFoam solver an my problem is...
The problem is just like flow over a square cylinder but the inlet is having zero velocity but the square box is having some velocity say 2 m/s. Should I use moving wall concept? and What is kqRWallFunction in k file in 0 folder and epsilonWallFunction in epsilon file? i mean how do i find the values of both?
Thanks in advance

Graham81 April 22, 2010 09:42

Can you elaborate on the problem you are trying to solve? Im not sure I see the difference between a stationary object in a fluid flow of 2m/s and an object moving at 2 m/s through a (quasi-)stationary fluid. :)
The functions you are speaking of are to determine the initial behaviour of k and epsilon (turbulent kinetic energy and its dissipation rate) at the walls, as I understand. If the fluid velocity around the the object is 0 initally, there shouldnt be any turbulence.

jayrup April 23, 2010 01:15

Hi Graham

Actually I want to solve two cases
1. The object is moving and the fluid is stationary.
2. the object is steady and fluid is moving.

so I want to ask in both the case how would I determine the initial behavior of k and epsilon (turbulent kinetic energy and its dissipation rate) at the velocity is 2m/s for object in first case and for fluid in second case.


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