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maksen April 23, 2010 04:45

netgen + refineMesh
Hi All,

has anybody succeeded in refining a tet-mesh generated with netgen by using refineMesh and share the experience?

my mesh is generated with netgen and converted successfully to foam-format. it works fine for solving RANS, however using refineMesh i get the following warning

--> FOAM Warning :
From function Foam::cellCuts::edgeEdgeToFace(const label cellI, const label edgeA,const label edgeB) const
in file meshCut/cellCuts/cellCuts.C at line 258
cellCuts : Cannot find face on cell 33282 that has both edges 2119295 702794
faces : 4(124488 124489 124490 124491)
edgeA : (279809 453564)
edgeB : (85294 453565)
Marking the loop across this cell as invalid

for lots of cells which then ends with

edgeFaces_ full at entry:68 for edge 5 4

From function calcEdgeAddressing(const faceList&, const label)
in file meshes/meshShapes/cellMatcher/cellMatcher.C at line 202.

FOAM aborting

Any ideas, hints.... any advice is most welcome!


Gobinath April 29, 2010 08:32

Hi all. To import the iges/step file the netgen requires Open Cascade Geometry Kernal. Does anyone know the procedure to install this Open Cascade?

Thanks & Regards,

philippose April 29, 2010 13:29

Hello Gobinath,

A Good Evening to you :-)!

It depends on which operating system you want to install OpenCascade on....

For Windows, you can directly download 32-bit binaries from the OpenCascade webpage..... but there are no 64-bit binaries on their website.

For Linux, you need to compile it on your own on your machine. OpenCascade does not distribute binaries for linux anymore. However, if you are using Ubuntu, OpenSuse or I think... even CentOS, you should be able to find OpenCascade in the respective package repositories which can then be installed using the normal package management system.

If you want to use Netgen on Windows, the simplest option is to download the Installer available from the Netgen Sourceforge project page.... there you can download Installers for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems.

The installers also contain the OpenCascade DLLs which are required for running Netgen with OCC support.

Have a nice day!


Gobinath May 3, 2010 00:39

Thanks philippose. I have KUbuntu 9.10 32 bit operating system. I have downloaded the "OpenCascadeModule.tar.gz" from Netgen website. But I don't know how to install it? Could u plz tell me the step by step procedure?

Thanks & Regards,

Linse November 11, 2013 10:46

Dear all,

could you please avoid completely changing the subject on a thread? It definitely makes looking for answers more difficult!

As I still have that problem: Did anyone solve that issue concerning "refineMesh" for meshes not consisting of hexahedrons?

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