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OMN June 9, 2010 08:59

Problem with baffles from Harpoon in OpenFoam

I have created a simple geometry, composed of a house sitting on the lower boundary of the domain, meshed it in Harpoon, and exported as OpenFoam format (boundary, cells, faces, and points) with ascii and double sided wall selected in the Export preferences.

When I run simpleFoam on this mesh everything is fine.

But when I add a baffle to the geometry, mesh it in Harpoon, and export it using the same procedure as before, I get very weird results (velocities of several thousand m/s) when running with simpleFoam.

It seems to me as it is the baffle boundary that creates the problem.

So my question is the following: should there be two boundaries defining each side of the baffle in the boundary file, or just one as I have now?

I'm a beginner at OpenFoam, and I don't really know how to tackle this problem. Could someone help please?

Another problem is that when I use the command mergeOrSplitBaffles, the utility writes that "the duplicate faces have been merged", but the boundary file is not updated. Shouldn't it be?



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