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WiWo July 7, 2010 04:35

Topology change and zone modification
Hello everybody!

I am currently working on OF-1.5-dev with a dynamic mesh which I modify using topological changers - more precisely I'm using the layerAdditionRemoval engine.
I have defined two faceZones in my mesh - one of which is the zone attributed to the layerAdditionRemoval engine (zone1) and the other one serves a different purpose (zone2). As my topology changes, it seems that zone1 is getting updated, e.g. after re-labeling the components of the mesh the entries are updated. This is done by some subroutine of topoChangerFvMesh which I could not yet identify.
Zone2, though, is not updated and still contains the entries referring to faces of the old topology. This certainly brings my solver into trouble.

Now I've got two questions:
1) Where exactly does topoChangerFvMesh update zone1 (the zone attributed to the topoChanger)? ... and how is this done?
2) How, in general, can I ask OpenFoam to redefine/update a zone according to a new mesh topology?

Solving this issue would take me a great step forward! I appreciate any help or advice!


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