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chodki-c July 16, 2010 10:12

How to use rhoSimpleFoam
Hi OpenFoamers,

I'm a beginner in OpenFoam and I have to compare Fluent and OpenFoam in some studies.
Now I want to simulate a flow around an airfoil (NACA 23012) at Mach 0.4. My flow is compressible, the mesh seems to be OK.
I have used freestream BC. After 3 iterations, the rho max hardly increases as the bounding k and epsilon.
I think I haven't used the solver correctly.

I read the user guide and so many topics related to my problem but I didn't find the solution.
Can someone help me??
Have a good day to everyone.

chodki-c July 16, 2010 11:03

For information when I use the model laminar it works well...
So my problem is the configuration of the model k-epsilon...

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