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N. A. July 16, 2010 10:45

Additional variable for lagrangian particles (dieselFoam)
Hello Foamers,

I want to create an additional variable to be solved for lagrangian particles and I am looking to change the solver and source code both to do this.

Usually in lagrangian-particle model, we solve for velocity, (u,v,w) for particles and I also add equations to solve a new variable (alpha,beta,gamma) as follows:

alpha = u/t_scale
beta = v/t_scale
gamma = w/t_scale

where t_scale is dynamically calculated each time step for each particle.

This is means I have to add 4 new variables, alpha, beta, gamma and t_scale and solve for each particle.

Can any one please share their experiences on adding more variable sand solving more lagrangian equations.

I found a tutorial on the web "PC_Tutorial_dieselFoam_peered_NL_HN.pdf", but it shows how to change the evaporation model, but not really adding more variabkles and equations.

Any discussion and sharing of experiences will be much appreciated.


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