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maysmech July 21, 2010 15:29

blockMesh Problem
Dear Foamers,
I've made a mesh with gambit and by using "fluentMeshTofoam *.msh" converted it to OpenFOAM format.
Now, boundary, points, face and ... are available in polyMesh folder.:cool:

i want use incompressible/pisoFoam/les/pitzDaily settings of tutorials.

The problem is by typing blockMesh the error "line 141 of blockMeshAPP.C" is shown :mad:.
when i do same works in icoFoam/cavity folder no error observes.

What should I Do?:confused:

mturcios777 July 21, 2010 16:44

You do not need to run blockMesh if you already have a converted FLUENT mesh. blockMesh creates the same files you have mentioned (boundary, points, face, etc. ...) based on the blockMeshDict description of your domain.

Assuming you have properly defined all your boundary conditons, all you need to do now is run the solver on your case.

Good luck!

maysmech July 22, 2010 15:34

Thank you very much.

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