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msarkar July 22, 2010 02:32

Natural Convection using Compressible Flow (chtMultiRegionFOAM)
Hello Foamers,

I need to model conjugate heat transfer where natural convection occurs within the fluid region. I found only chtMultiRegionFoam can handle this type of problem without any modification to the source code. I know that there are two ways of dealing with buoyancy (natural convection): full compressible treatment and the Boussinesq
In my simulation, temperature variation is not much (maximum difference = 50). I was thinking of using incompressible flow assumption with Boussinesq approximation instead of compressible flow but unfortunately there is no conjugate heat transfer solver with incompressible flow. Anyone has any idea how will it effect the results if I use compressible flow instead incompressible flow with Boussinesq assumption? Will it give better results? Any comments would be helpful.

M. Sarkar

msarkar July 30, 2010 06:11

I think compressible model will be more appropriate but Boussinesq model will be more stable. Moreover, compressible model will be computationally extensive. If I am wrong, please correct me. I did not find any relevant reference for buoyant flow modelling using compressible fluid. If any reference is known to anyone, please let me know. Any comments would be appreciated.

M. Sarkar

rob3rt 0ng September 7, 2010 00:13

Hi MSarkar,

I am too thinking of combining incompressible flow with radiative heat transfer, however, so far in the forum I couldn't find anything useful for a starting point. Could you please tell me a little bit of what you did since the last time you posted in this post? I am using porousSimpleFoam (incompressible) solver.

Thank you and kind regards,

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