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deji July 23, 2010 09:03

Averaging 2D Wall Temperature Gradient
Question: I am able to compute the mean temperature gradient at a specified patch of my choosing. The is essentially 3D, hence the I have a 2D plane wall temperature gradient. Can anyone give me any feedback or advice as to how I can average the temperature gradient along a wall direction, so that I end with an output that comprises two columns giving dTmean/dn along x or y.


deji July 23, 2010 14:51

afternoon everyone. i am sure of the OpenFOAM gurus must have something to say about my question, right? :)


deji July 23, 2010 15:06

I just thought of another way to perhaps solve this problem. If I have the time-averaged flow-field, I can subsequently use this to spatially average my 3D flow-field in the homogeneous direction (spanwise) into a 2D plane. I have a code I slightly modified to compute the wall temperature gradient, and I would assume I should be able to compute the temperature wall gradient using the 2D spatially averaged field..

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