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nileshjrane July 27, 2010 03:37

Non-premixed ethelene+air combustion modeling
Dear all,

I am a newbie to OpenFOAM. Just installed OF 1.7.:)

I have to simulate a ramjet combustor for combustion of C2H6+air. Its non-premixed combustion. I am thinking of using PDF model (which is there in FLUENT) for this as it is better approach for such situations.

Could anyone tell me whethere PDF model is available in OpenFOAM? If not can i use some other model for this application? Any suggestion??

If i have to write the code for PDF model, can anyone help me in getting the theory of this model??

Thanks in advance..

smehdi609 July 28, 2010 12:59

The transported PDF model is not available in OpenFOAM. You can use reactingFoam for your non-premixed flame simulation, but in principle the transported PDF model is way better than PaSR model in reactingFoam.
If you want to write your own solver for reactingFoam (which is not easy by the way!) you may refer to the seminal paper by Pope in Progress in Energy and Combustion Sciente 1985. A better idea would be using a recent paper by D.C. Haworth in the same journal.

smehdi609 July 28, 2010 13:01

sorry, "if you want to write your own solver for PDF model"

l_r_mcglashan July 28, 2010 13:21

Or you could look into flamelets. If you have a flamelet solver it's easy to couple them to an openfoam solver.

nileshjrane July 30, 2010 03:58

thanx for the replies guys...:)

I think i got a starting point. I'll get back here if i have more doubts.

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