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deji July 30, 2010 15:35

Examine A dimensionedScalar at Boundary
I have been going through Doxygen hoping to find a way to examine a dimensioned scalar at the boundary (patch), but thus far no luck. Can anyone please give me an insight to this particular question:


IOdictionary LESProperties
    dimensionedScalar alpha(fireFoamProperties.lookup("alpha"));
    scalarField alphaw = alpha.boundaryField()[patchi] <----- ??? :confused:

the last line in the code posted is where my problem lies. can anyone assist?

deji July 30, 2010 18:45

i get the following error pertaining to alphaw:

error: ‘struct Foam::dimensionedScalar’ has no member named ‘boundaryField’

can someone help regarding this small matter. :confused:

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