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1gn0rant July 31, 2010 21:46

Problem with multisolver installation
Hey....i tried installing multisolver on OpenFOAM 1.7, but when try running
cd $WM_PROJECT_DIR/src/multiSolver
wmake libso

I get the message...
/bin/sh: cannot create linux64GccDPOpt/options: Permission denied
make: *** [linux64GccDPOpt/options] Error 2
/opt/openfoam170/wmake/MakefileFiles:39: linux64GccDPOpt/options: No such file or directory
make: *** No rule to make target `linux64GccDPOpt/options'. Stop.
wmake error: file 'Make/linux64GccDPOpt/objectFiles' could not be created

Can u help me with this, I think it is due to a permission issue, but ane idea, how i can go past tht???

I would be thankful if you could tell me tht...

marupio August 5, 2010 08:00

Okay, I've looked at it in more detail. It already is installing into the OpenFOAM source directories. Your problem sounds like a permission problem indeed. If you don't have permission... then I suspect it didn't even extract the gzip file correctly. Is the multiSolver directory even there? Try this:
cd $WM_PROJECT_DIR/src/multiSolver
Did it change directories or fail? If it failed, let me know, and I'll design an installation to a custom directory. Otherwise, continue reading:

What permissions do you have set on the src/multiSolver folder? Are you owner? To find out:

ls -al

Look for "multiSolver". The line should look something like:

drwxr-xr-x 8 dave dave 4096 2010-08-03 10:38 multiSolver

The permissions are the jumble of letters at the start. Are they the same as above? Secondly, the owner is in the two columns to the right of that. Above the owner is "dave dave". The first name is the user, the second name is the group. Does your name match your username (i.e. the name at the start of your prompt: name@Host:~/path$ )?

If the permissions are wrong, you can use these commands to correct them:

cd $WM_PROJECT_DIR/src/multiSolver
find -type d -print0 |xargs -0 chmod 755
find -type f -print0 |xargs -0 chmod 644
And try again. Good luck!


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